Elements of a Good Conference Venue

Organising a conference is no small task. You are dealing with a large number of people and you need to select a venue that has that capacity along with all the facilities that you are looking for. A conference will have different sessions and you need to have breakout spaces for attendees to stay in between sessions.

First, you need to research conference venues that are in convenient locations. If the delegates for the conference are coming from far away, you have to select a conference venue that is located around their accommodation. Parking is another consideration for such a busy event. It can be inconvenient if there are no sufficient parking spots for the delegates. You have to think about how they will access the location as well. Some might use public transportation while others will hire a vehicle or have their own personal vehicle. There have to be accessible roads and the location has to be close to public transportation. In addition to the location itself, you have to look at the surrounding area as well. Are there shops, restaurants, attractions nearby that the delegates can easily visit? It’s a good idea to check for these as well especially if the conference lasts for more than a day.

The style of the venue is also important. This is what increases the appeal of the location. You can select a venue that suits the theme of the conference if that is possible. Especially when there are out of town delegates, you need to make a good impression. You can think about a location with a lot of scenic views for a conference that takes up a few days so that the delegates can explore the surroundings as well. The layout of the venue is important to make sure that it can hold all the delegates coming for the event. The layout makes sure that the space is easy to manoeuvre. Check whether there are any obstacles in the main path taken by the delegates when they walk to the conference hall. Generally, there will be several layouts that are possible within the existing space. You need to look at which layout is best with the guest list you have and the level of accessibility of the space.

It is best to look for a conference venue that has different spaces such as breakout areas, dining areas, meeting rooms, conference spaces in different sizes so that you can create a better movement pattern and an engaging conference. You can ask the management of the conference venue whether you can see previous layouts they have done in the space to get some inspiration. Check out the available signage in the space as well. Are the bathrooms and the breakout spaces indicated properly? This will make it easy for anyone to find their way. With new pandemic rules, you will need more space than what was previously given to ensure social distancing. Make sure you consider this when deciding the capacity of the hall required. You need to ask the conference venue about their internet connection, audio visual technology and equipment present to see whether it is sufficient for your requirements.

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