When to Paint Your Commercial Building

All buildings need to be done up with a new coat of paint now and then. But how do you determine when to start repainting? There are certain signs that you can watch out for when you are running a commercial building to make sure that the visual appeal of your building doesn’t go down.

You need to carry out a thorough inspection of the building to decide whether you need the services of commercial painters Gold Coast. Check whether the exterior paint is peeling off. This is one of the first signs to look for when considering repainting. If you notice that the colour of the walls is dull and faded, then the building is not giving out the effect that you are expecting. You also need to consider the climatic conditions of the location when you are choosing paint. If your building is not shaded with external elements or trees, then harsh sunlight will be directly fall on it which will contribute to fading of the paint. If you use low quality paint, your paint will fade faster. You need to think about durability when considering the costs of paint. While the initial investment will be low if you go for a cheaper paint, you will need to repaint more frequently which will take away any savings you obtained the first time. Generally, with good quality paint, repainting will only have to be done every five years. But this duration will lessen if you compromise on quality.

There are certain precautions you can take against paint fading. You need to get the advice of your painter when selecting a paint product. They will be able to recommend paints with additives that will improve the look of the finished product. You can also look at having awnings for entrances so that there are no drastic fading and colour changes in high visibility areas. If you can see visible mould and mildew on the surface of the paint, you will need to start repainting immediately. This happens over time after painting as the wall is exposed to the elements. This is especially common in high humidity areas. If left untreated, there will be a bad odour emanating from the wall and there will be stains that will affect the appearance of the building. You need to repaint in order to protect your building from moisture seeping in. Make sure that you have no plumbing issues that may contribute to this issue.

If you see bubbling on the surface of exterior paint, it is a sign that the paint no longer adheres to the surface below. This can be caused by sun exposure, contaminants that are trapped between the paint and wall, changes in weather etc. When your building is in an environment of high humidity there is a high chance of moisture becoming trapped between the paint and the wall. When your building receives direct sunlight, the trapped moisture will try to escape which is what creates the bubbling effect that you see. Another reason is mould growing under the paint surface. This can be caused by poor workmanship when the surface is not properly prepared or using the wrong type of paint.

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