A Step-By-Step Guide on Proper Horse Grooming

Aside from proper nutrition and a safe shelter, your horse also needs regular grooming to stay healthy and at its best condition. If you own a horse, one of the daily tasks you need to do aside from feeding and exercise is proper grooming.

Horse grooming helps keep the horse clean and comfortable by removing the patches of dirt that are stuck on its body. It also helps you detect problems such as sores and wounds to treat them immediately before getting worse.

If you’re still a new horse owner, you might be wondering how to groom a horse properly. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you out.

Securing the Horse

First of all, you should secure the horse before grooming. Having your horse stay in one spot makes grooming a lot easier. Aside from that, some horses tend to reach back and bite when being groomed. Securing the horse helps keep you safe while grooming.


To get started, curry the horse’s coat first to break up the patches of dirt that are stuck on its coat. Currying also helps bring up the underlying coat into the surface, making it easier wash off. Most horses enjoy being curried since it gets almost all the scratches especially on hard-to-reach spots.


After loosening up the dirt, you could now start brushing your horse using a hard brush to remove all those dirt. Be sure to be gentle when brushing on sensitive areas such as the face and the legs. After hard brushing, you could now use a soft brush to remove the fine dirt left on the coat for a deeper clean. Brush it all over the horse’s body for a cleaner coat.


Although it doesn’t need to be done every day, clipping is an important part in grooming a horse. When you notice that its coat and mane are getting too long, you could use a clipper to trim it on a comfortable length. Be sure to buy your horse some clippers that are durable and strong enough to cut through thick horse hair.

Hoof Picking

After tending to the coat, the next thing to do is to take care of its hooves. Horse hooves need to be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial and fungal infection from forming up. Using a hoof pick, start at the corners of the heel and around to get off all the mud and dirt. Be sure never to pick the middle of the hoof.

Brushing the Mane and Tail

After everything is done, finish your horse grooming by taking care of the mane and tail. Apply a detangling spray first to make brushing easier and easier on the hair strands. It is recommended to brush the mane and tail at least once a month since it could make the hair thin when done more frequently.

Now that you know the basics of horse grooming, you could take care of your beloved horse a lot better.

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