Gifts for a baby shower

Baby shower is usually hosted few weeks before the delivery, this is mainly to celebrate the coming of the baby and also a way of comfort to the mother. The event is most often organized by close friends and if you are the one organizing or have been invited you might be unsure what you need to get for the mother and the baby, there are plenty of ideas out there, you can either select one or multiple based on your choice

Buy parenting books

Becoming a parent is a new experience, if this is the first baby of your new friend, they might be unaware of how to go through with parenthood, so as a way of preparing them, so they know what to do and how to manage parenting books can help. Therefore, gifting this would be valuable and your friend is going to appreciate it a lot.

Clothes for the baby

You can go shopping for the newborn, there are many cute items that you can purchase. Some of the styles of clothes that you can get are animal onesies, superhero onesies, princess onesies or anything else that you prefer. If you are buying these types of onesies you can even get a matching pair of boots to complete the set. If they are expecting a girl child you can even get a cute headband.

Buying a name book

Naming can be quite a task, because the parents would want to give their baby the most beautiful and unique name, gifting them a name book of baby’s name with their meaning would make the naming procedure much easier and they would be able to select the best one for their child.


This is another thoughtful gift that you can give, mothers need a lot of diapers initially and gifting them a diaper supply maybe that would last for a month would be very helpful in economic terms too.

Baby carrier

This is very useful for the parents, having a baby carrier. Babies would want to be carried in the beginning period and with a baby carrier the parents can carry the baby at the same time have their hands free which could help them in doing some small work while carrying the baby.


Ranging from musical toys to soft toys there are many varieties there and moving toys too. You can get anything of your preference.

Get something for the mother

The gifts you get do not only have to be what you get before delivery; this can extend even after giving birth. After giving birth mothers usually go through a huge shift in their routine and often end up tired. Getting them a spa coupon where the parents can both enjoy time out and get themselves rejuvenated would be something they would love and appreciate.

Another thing you can do is have a grocery basket delivered to their house maybe every week for a month, this way you can lessen the stress they would face.

Decorative pieces for the nursery

If the parents have made a nursery you could gift something like a painting to make the nursery look even more amazing.

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