Tips to Follow That Ensures A Unique and Memorable Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion, and every effort that you put into it to make it perfect is worth your time and money. After all, it is an occasion you’re going to be looking back into the decades to come. Here are 5 tips that we believe make a wedding unique and memorable, for both the couple and their guests…

1. Choosing A Picture-Perfect Location and Venue 

Location makes all the difference when you’re aiming to make your wedding or ceremony memorable and unique, both for yourself and your guests. Choosing to host your wedding at an exotic location or even a bespoke function venue in Melbourne will make it a different experience for your guests. While most people think of destination weddings as an expensive affair due to the airfare as well as the need to provide accommodations for the guests for the duration of the wedding; there’s no rule in regards to these locations that officially makes it a destination wedding. Even a local beach counts as and makes a great “destination wedding”, especially if it’s private enough.

2. Ensuring the Date Is Convenient for Your Most Wanted Guests

Selecting the date of your special day is no easy task. Multiple factors contribute to this, including work commitments as well as cheaper rates. One other important tip to remember when selecting your big date, is ensuring all your “most important” guests, without whom your wedding will definitely feel incomplete, will be able to make it on that day. If you’re selecting a holiday date, make sure you let these important guests know well ahead of time, to ensure they don’t make other plans for the day.

3. Dressing in Clothes That Are Not Only Breathtaking but Also Comfortable

Despite what people may say, the clothing you choose for the big day does make a huge difference when it comes to making your wedding memorable and unique. opt for a design that says your story to truly make it unique. While white certainly is traditional for most western weddings, you can still choose to have your dress in whatever colour that truly makes your skin glow. Trust us, comfortable clothing may not make it memorable to your guests, but to you, it’ll make all the difference!

4. Making the Dress Code Interesting

Consider making the dress code of your event subtly different to make it memorable to you and your guests. Consider sticking to a colour theme, or make your guests’ clothes part of the theme. For example, if you’re having a garden-themed wedding, consider asking your guests to dress in “flower colours”, brightly coloured clothing that will bring summer to your doorstep. Remember to send the invitations out early if you plan on doing so, as your guests should have plenty of time to purchase appropriate clothing. This additional detail also ensures the day is memorable to your guests, as they’ll be looking forwards to showing off their own clothing on your big day…

5. Taking Plenty of Pictures of The Little Moments and The Audience

Photographs are a big part of any wedding, as they offer you a tangible memory of your big day. Ensure you get the best out of their service by asking your photographer to capture plenty of candid moments of your guests. Apart from the official pictures, make sure to collect all guest photographs to add to your memories. An easy method to do so is by creating a unique hashtag for social media, and asking your guests to “tag” you via the hashtag.

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