Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have About Kegel Balls

Kegel balls from what they are called help in kegel exercises. They have been around for a long time and assisted a lot of women to strengthen their vagina and pelvic floor muscles.

What Are Kegel Balls?

To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, these balls come in various weights and sizes for whatever specifications the client would feel comfortable with. These balls are inserted inside the vagina just how like a tampon would. Your pelvic muscles would contract to keep the balls in making the muscles stronger. If it is your first time using kegel balls, make sure that you use one with weights you are comfortable with. Don’t overdo it. It is also recommended that you purchase one with strings for easier removal when you are already uncomfortable with the weight.

What Are Their Functions?

There are several reasons why women purchase kegel balls. Some use it to enhance their sex life, to help with urine and fecal incontinence and to help with pregnancy recovery.

To Enhance Sex Experience

With stronger pelvic floor muscles, orgasm is more intense. Kegel balls are also considered sex toys and could be enjoyed alone or with a partner. If you are using it alone, you could use the balls to move inside and out of your vagina or you could keep it inside while you do things to your erogenous zones. You have to remember that the balls are used to enhance the sensation you’re feeling.

You could also use kegel balls with a partner. You could insert it together as part of your foreplay or you could insert it before because the more it is inside you before the actual sex, the more aroused you’ll feel. Just remember to pull the balls out when it is time for your partner to penetrate you or you are about to use another toy. With this benefit, users have enjoyed using kegel balls for days, and longer nights!

To Help With Urine And Fecal Incontinence

You might have cases when you laugh or sneeze and a little pee came out. This is still normal albeit embarrassing. But if you continue to experience this, you might want to consider exercising your pelvic muscles, the muscles that are responsible to keep the pee in when you are not yet sitting down on a toilet. Kegel balls could help you with exercising them.

To Help With Pregnancy Recovery

Women who just delivered have difficulties controlling their bladder. But with kegel exercises they managed to gain control. Although, it is recommended that you ask for permission from your doctor first before using kegel balls after your delivery.

Who Would Benefit The Most From Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls would be beneficial for women who need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles who suffer from uncontrolled peeing, who just delivered a baby and who wanted stronger orgasms during sex.

It is best to get a professional opinion from your doctor first before you start using them. Once you get the go signal, don’t just randomly buy them. Ask the opinions of those selling them. Inform them of your requirements and the reason why you are buying them.

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