Planning A Surprise Birthday Party

You have decided to host a surprise family birthday dinner for a family member and you are considering various venues in which you could get to cater or host it. If you have a considerably large family you would need to consult them and decide which venue would best suit the occasion. Make sure that all members of the family are kept in the loop and that everyone is content with the choices made and are willing to contribute a decided amount to make sure that the party goes as planned.

Discuss and Decide

 Before booking or making any kind of reservation would have to double check with all those attending if the pricing at the particular restaurant was considered reasonable so that there would be no unintended surprises when the bill was brought to the table. You would also have to decide along with the family what the best menu for a birthday would be. If the “birthday girl / boy” enjoys steak, for example, look out for restaurants that cater.

Make Your Reservation

If in fact, you have decided to go with the option that is associated and which caters to your needs, you would need to make a reservation at the restaurant which caters to the same. Before making the reservation confirm the number of people attending so that the restaurant will be prepared with the space needed. When making the reservation, inquire if it is possible to set a menu which everyone can afford.

Once you have discussed that area don’t forget to mention that it is a birthday. Most steakhouses offer a cake and or a free dessert for the individual as well as a happy birthday song, just to make the event extra special.  Also discuss with the restaurant when you would want the cake brought out and all other details you would need to share with them about that day.

Keep It a Surprise

Since this is a surprise birthday party, make sure that everyone understands that and keeps the surprise, a surprise. Make certain that everyone is aware of the time and that everyone is already there when he / she walks in.

Choose A Gift

Choose to look ay gift box options simply because they are a collection of a number of things that she or he might enjoy when compared to a single gift that may cost you significantly more. If she has a significant other you can choose some lacy lingerie for instance.

 You would need to nominate someone to keep the “birthday girl” or “birthday boy” occupied through the day. The nominated individual would need to introduce the idea of going to dinner in his or her head and then proceed to take him or her to the decided restaurant where all their family ad loved ones are standing by to celebrate their special day with them.

Celebrating such an occasion with family is one way of remembering how extremely fortunate you are to have each and every one of those people in your life.

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