Ways to Save Money on Family Expenses

The economy is hard on everyone so saving up on the smallest possible cost can do wonders when running a family. An estimated $200,000 is needed to bring up a child up to 17 years of age, excluding college fees. No matter if you have one child or more, it is never bad to make use of some money saving tips. Therefore, here are they.

Focus On Food Costs

Food costs can easily be controlled with a bit of planning. You need to plan each of your meals for the week, make a list of items needed and then go shopping once a week. This way, you will not overbuy anything. Also, take cash with you, not cards. Having a cash limit for yourself will always make you think twice before you pick up that extra-large box of chocolate chip cookies. Use your mobile to browse for sale items and deals at your nearest grocery stores. There are mobile apps that will scan your location and show you the best deals in your area. Some coupons give you discounts, cash back offers and other prizes so make use of every opportunity possible.

Keep Birthdays Simple

Truth be told, birthdays are a money-eating monster. You need to understand that birthdays are not about how big the cake was, how upstate the venue was, or how extravagant the decorations were. It is about making memories with your loved ones. While adult birthdays are easy to celebrate on a small scale, your little ones might expect a lavish princess themes birthday party. If so, pick out the most important elements; grab them off-season for lower prices and save tons of cash. If your child is okay with anything, you can plan something other than the traditional birthday parties such a sleepover with his or her closest friends, taking them out on a picnic to the park or beach etc. These cost less overall than throwing a party.

Hack Your Housing Costs

Rent is the biggest expense of a family. Make sure you move into a home that has adequate space and is affordable. Cut down on travel costs by living closer to school and work. Use a programmable thermostat that will cut down on your electricity bill. These thermostats can be programmed to turn off when you are not home. If you are planning to make a long-term investment, installing solar panels Australia is a great idea. Of course, the initial cost is high; however, you will never have to pay an electricity bill ever again for the next 25 years or so.

Give Secondhand A Chance

Hand-me-downs from your cousins and friends may not be such a bad idea after all. Most clothes and accessories are bought on impulse, not need. A lower number of shopping trips, lesser unwanted purchases will you make. Rather than spending unnecessarily on brands, go to thrift stores, yard sales and consignment stores where you can easily obtain items for lower prices. Buying online may also be cheaper.

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