How to Dress Appropriately For Semi-Formal Events

Many people get confused on what to wear upon receiving an invitation to a semi-formal event. Basically, semi-formal attire is a little bit dressier than office wear but not as much as formal evening attire. However, if it is an evening event, you should wear it more formal compared when it’s daytime. Semi-formal attire is usually set for special occasions such as school dances, weddings, and on fine dining restaurants. If you got invited to a semi-formal event, there’s no need to worry because you have a wide range of clothing options to choose from.

For Men

Semi-formal outfit for men has a conservative look. A subtle dark suit with dress shirt, and dark pants that complements the suit is a perfect choice. Always match the colour of your belt on the dress shoes and don’t forget to wear dark socks with it. Wearing a tie is optional, but it is better to wear once since you can always take them off later. Wearing little pieces of jewellery is also suitable.

For Women

There are plenty of options when it comes to semi-formal outfit for women. Dresses are a classic choice as long as it is made from elegant fabric such as satin, silk, or cashmere. These event dresses from Anthea Crawford is definitely the solution for all your semi-formal dress needs. A dressy pantsuit will also do if you’re not into dresses. When it comes to footwear, you can choose from dressy flats, heels, or strappy ones, depending on which looks best on your outfit. Complete the look with subtle jewellery and you’re good to go.

For Teens

Semi-formal outfit for teen boys are almost similar to what men should wear. However, they can choose to wear light-coloured suits especially for outdoor or daytime events. For teen girls, a short dress is a perfect choice for semi-formal attire. Always make sure to choose one with the right fit for a classy and smart look. You can wear sparkly accessories if the dress looks plain and lacks glitter. However, if your dress already looks catchy and shiny, wear jewelleries sparingly or pick ones that look subtle. It is also great for young ladies to experiment with different kinds of necklines such as off shoulder and strapless dresses. 

Wedding Wear

Semi-formal weddings call for similar clothing options mentioned above. However, be sure to steer away from white or off-white colours to avoid upstaging the bride. Dressy pantsuits and dresses are the best pick if the wedding will be held indoors. For outdoor weddings, a maxi dress is a perfect choice. You can wear flats, strappy sandals, or any footwear that makes it easier to walk on grass or sand. Don’t forget to bring a scarf to keep you warm in case a cool wind blows.

Finding semi-formal attire is not as hard as you think if you know these basics. If you get an invitation to a formal event, simply apply these tips and you’ll definitely find the right outfit for you in no time.

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