Tips on Remaining Stylish

Everybody loves to look stylish. It gives you confidence and at the same time makes you look good all the time. So here are few tips you need to follow if you want to look fashionable.

Have a Good Skin

Clear looking skin never goes out of fashion so one needs to work on it. If you are someone who has skin issues then get it checked to a professional such as a dermatologist. He/she might prescribe some tropical treatments and medicines so make sure you follow their instructions religiously. Others need to have a fixed skin care that is you will have to cleanse, tone and moisturize every day. You will also need to get rid of those dead skin cells so make sure you scrub every week. Clear skin requires a lot of effort so don’t take it for granted. For example no matter how tired you are, don’t go to bed with your make up on. You also need to make sure that your brushes are cleaned before you use them. Having a clear skin will ensure that you need minimal makeup as your base.  It also gives you a boost of confidence and makes you look less caked as you will not have to layer yourself in makeup to hide all the redness.

Work On Your Wardrobe

80% of the fashion comes from what you wear, so if you want to look stylish then you have to work on your wardrobe game. The golden rule is to avoid repeating the same style as that will make you appear boring. So you need to experiment, have different kinds of styles for example palazzo, regular denims, skinny leggings and skirts. You could mix and match then based on the kind of outing or the event you are headed out for. If you are looking for some casual tops that you could pull it off at any event then checkout women’s polo shirts they are affordable and can be paired up with anything be it a denim or your favourite palazzo.  

Accessorize It Right

In order to look truly stylish you will need to work on your accessories game. For example certain outfits such as dresses look best when paired with a heavy necklace and a clutch. Whereas certain outfits can be pulled off wearing a heavy bracelet and a handbag. Heels look better when worn with a dress. So you need to make sure you try different things to make yourself look good. Not everyone is a fashion goddess and there might be certain things you might be not sure as to how to pull it off. In that case you could always Google so you do not make a fashion disaster. Also make sure you don’t overdo it for example if you plan on wearing a heavy necklace then skip the earrings.

If you follow the above tips then it will help to up your fashion game. As mentioned above if you are not too sure about a particular outfit, you could always look up on internet and checkout different ways of styling it.

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