8 Essential Items for a Toddler When Packing For a Beach Vacation

Beach holidays are fun; especially with kids! Here are 8 essential items you should not forget to pack when you plan a beach holiday with a toddler…

1. Sunblock Lotion to Protect Their Skin

Direct sunlight can be very damaging to your little one’s skin, so make sure you apply a sunblock suitable for their skin well before you head outside. Make sure it’s a waterproof sunblock; even if you have no intention of taking them into the water. There is always a possibility of water splashing on them even at shore. Also consider also buying a natural aloe gel to use on their skin after their exposed hours in the sun to reduce the impact the sun may have done on them to a certain degree.

2. The Right Swimwear If They Are Bound To Hit the Water

If your little one like splashing about in the water, or if you’re hoping to teach them to swim during this vacation, then make sure to dress them in the right swimwear that will keep them comfortable and give them the freedom of motion. If your toddler easily gets cold, we suggest buying kids rash vests online in order to keep them warm even in the water.

3. Snacks for the Picky Eater

If your toddler is fussy with his food or weary about trying new food when he’s tired, its best if you pack a few of his favourite snacks for this holiday. At the very least, you can keep him happy until you find something they would approve of. However, do your best to coax them into trying new foods wherever you take them; after all, life is all about new experiences…!

4. A Sippy Cup Full Of Their Favorite Drink

Whether toddler likes frolicking in the water, or is content playing in the sand, inevitably their time at the beach is going to drain them of their hydration. Make sure you bring along a Sippy cup full of their favourite beverage, as well as plenty of water. Remember to only use reusable plastic in order to protect the oceans…!

5. A Blanket for You to Relax Together In

If you’re going to a beach resort, chances are that the resort will be more than happy to provide you with a towel for your time at the beach. However, toddlers need more space than which is provided by a towel; especially if they are altering between playing in the water and playing on the sand. Packing a blanket can be a smart idea here.

6. Toys for the Sand Lover

Do most kids, the best part about the beach is building sand castles. If your toddler thinks the same, make sure to pack a few “equipment” to help them build their kingdom with ease. You might also be able to purchase said toys in the locality; but may end up paying far more than the fair price for it…

7. Waterproof Shoes against the Hot Sand 

If you’re going to be at the beach all day long, then it’s inevitable that you’ll also be there during the hottest part of the day. While hats and umbrellas can keep you in the shade, chances are that your child might get bored sitting around in one place for long. To protect their feet from the hot sand, packing (water proof) shoes is vital.

8. A Wet Bag to Collect Their Clothes and Toys In

You may have already packed a bag for all the wet clothes and towels, but don’t forget all that wet and sandy toys! Take a separate bag to collect them after use so that the sand collected in them does not get into everything you bring back home…

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