A Newbie’s Guide to Golfing

Golf may look like a simple sport but once you get started, you will soon realise that there is an incredible amount of depth to it, from the various clubs to minute details that can change how well you hit your shot. Golf involves a lot of fine tuning and rhythm building so here are a few things you should make a habit of or do when you first start off.

Position and Posture

The biggest hurdle to get over in golf is inconsistency. As mentioned before, the sport involves a lot of rhythm and muscle memory and getting that down perfectly is what separates the best players from the rest. The first thing that should be coming naturally to you is your posture and the positioning of your body- it’s vital that you position yourself so that you’re able to hit the ball dead straight. This can be a lot simpler than it appears but you need to have it at the back of your mind all the time! It’s not just the placement of your feet but also the angle of your knees, hips, shoulders and club that determine how good your shot will be. Make sure you always tilt yourself at the hips and not your waist- this provides you with the largest circle of swing so you’ll be easily able to fire those killer straight shots. Make sure you maintain a straight back throughout your swing and that includes the start of it. Check yourself in the mirror and practice this posture regularly to make it second nature.


Where you hold your club from may seem like a minute detail but it plays a big role in how well your shot ends up being. Make sure to hold your club in a relaxed yet firm way and at a position that will allow you to bend down at your hips and not involve your knees too much.


Now for the actual swing, this is where consistency truly is key. While there’s no such thing as a perfect swing, there are certain fundamental rules that define what a great swing is, which will allow you to make your swings far easier to control, more efficient and, once again, consistent. A good swing involves you twisting mainly from your shoulders, with your left shoulder running underneath your chin as you wind up your swing if you are right-handed and vice versa if you are left-handed. There should be minimal movement from the rest of your body as this would create too much of an angled swing and lead to an inaccurate shot. As the club reaches the level of your hip, you have to make sure that the club head itself, when viewed from a mirror behind you, covers your hand and that the leading edge is at the same angle as your back.

Short Game

While it is indeed satisfying to hit a clean, long drive, what truly separates the best from the rest is the short game. This is where acceleration, angles and pace play a huge role as it can make or break your shot. All golf club sets you find at a golf clearance outlet shop will include a driver but it is actually recommended that you avoid using the driver until much later because of the experience needed to wield it so it is important that you build up the necessary fundamentals first.

So there you have it, the very basics you need to get your golfing career started the right way!

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