How to Design Your House like One on a Magazine

Many people want to design their houses like those that belong to house magazines and HGTV. However this is anything but easy as most of these magazines and shows generally have a high budget and hire designers who can be very expensive for normal people. However there is a way you can do it but it requires careful planning and clever designing. So let’s see how you can design your house like one that is on a magazine.

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Make Major Impressions with Little Effort

One way to make things look more impressive than they really are is to change certain features into massive displays of art that makes a huge impression. Maybe you can’t afford a fancy book case for your living room that is not an issue. You can use crates or free standing shelving to make pretty book shelves that look beautiful without really putting a dent on your pocket. If you want to make an area pop put some artwork on the walls. You can try your hand at some abstract art or purchase some cheap paintings and arrange them on the wall to make the wall look interesting and elegant. You could even opt for Blinds City custom made curtains in interesting designs to make your space look stunning.

Introduce Different Patterns

If you look at the gorgeous houses in magazines and shows you can easily spot a designing idea that you can introduce with ease. Patterns. Yes, introducing a variety of patterns in a room can bring a lot of character into a space. How you do this is by introducing the patterns in different objects. Maybe a striped curtain and clutches with floral motifs. You can even just use cushions with interesting statements and patterns to give a plain couch a new look. Also use other objects to build character. Try introducing vases and decorations that also have patterns in them.  But remember too much of anything is horrible so you need to learn to balance the patterns with plain items. Use block colours and neutrals to balance things out.

Try Introducing Some Modern Tech to Give Your House Flair

You might not be able to afford all the modern tech that designer homes have however by choosing a selection few you can make your house look modern without breaking your wallet. You can choose an electric fireplace or automate the lighting to give that touch of modern design without having to pay a lot of money for tech you may not end up using.

Always Remember To Include Creative Storage Ideas

You don’t see things spilling out of cupboards or awful looking laundry baskets in design media for a reason. They make the house looks less pretty. If you want your house looking good you need to get creative with storage. Tables that have hidden storage within them, beds with storage underneath them, wall cabinets that span the expanse of a wall and even storage boxes that are sturdy and well-designed are good options to make your home look more polished and clutter free.

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